Monday, 19 February 2018

Clear up that broken glass on the floor!

          Broken glass on your floor and your animals

As we all know, when a glass object is dropped on the floor it will shatter into a lot of tiny fragments and scatter over a wide area 
On a hard floor like ceramic tiles or vinyl, it will scatter in all directions and even with the greatest of care, tiny pieces can lodge somewhere or just simply be left behind when you clean up because it is often almost invisible.
This may be true for our human eyes but your pets, nose close to the ground may be very quick to spot it, and even quicker if it was a glass jar or dish that contained food. Not knowing any better, they may well lick or gobble it up with the painful and a very expensive veterinary bill- or even tragic results.
Just as important to bear in mind is to take great care when you discard the broken glass. Bear in mind that feral dogs and cats are constant scavengers and will very often tear your rubbish bag open
if the think there is something edible in there. Tragically, in their case, there is no loving owner to take them to the vet, and they will die a slow and painful death.
So please remember,firstly make sure that you gather every shard and then dispose of it responsibly-preferably in a recycle bin.

 Handy tip:
When you are in another place than your home with your dog, keep an eye on him sniffing and scouting around. They love doing it. especially when there are some strange new and exciting smells.
Photo: Ansie Cromhout