Friday, 29 November 2013

Max the magnificent Ridgeback

Meet Max the pedigreed tan Ridgeback of Jaco Badenhorst of Whiteriver in Mpumalanga.
On these photos Max is 17 months old.

Pet ownership allow individuals to be alone without being lonely.

Scientific research done by Alan M Beck and N Marshall Meyers of the School Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University in Indiana had a closer look at the relationship between pet owners and their pets.
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In their research they claim that although pet ownership is beneficial to all humans, the benefits to the elderly are tenfold.
Pet ownership requires time and money but may improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, loneliness and depression.
Pets require care and this leads to movement and exercise during daily feeding, walking and grooming.
This is how Nyeisha Scott, animal behaviorist puts it:
" Older individuals may suffer from bereavement and loneliness and even though pets can not replace human relationships, they can help fill the void and provide constant and unconditional love."
As allways, we are grateful to Mediline and NIH for their permission to publish extracts from their website.

Health enhancement and companion animal ownership.


School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1243, USA.


The relationship between people and companion animals, on the one hand, explains the bites and zoonotic diseases that occur among those with companion animals and, on the other hand, appears to enhance the psychological and physiological well-being of many people. Presently, no less than 56% of households in the United States have animals, typical of developed countries around the world. 
It is well documented that people denied human contact do not thrive well. All indications are that companion animals play the role of a family member, often a member with the most desired attributes. Animals play special roles for children, aiding the teaching of nurturing behavior and appreciation of non verbal communication. Ordinary interactions with animals can reduce blood pressure and alter survival after a heart attack. 
For some, pets increase the opportunities to meet people, while for others pets permit them to be alone without being lonely.

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American Ragdol - an amazing cat

Have a look at this beautiful cat with her blue eyes. Her name is Shelby  and she is an American Ragdol.
Shelby's proud owner is Liesl Fourie of Pretoria. Thanks for the photo Liesl.