Monday, 9 September 2013

"The Yellow Dog" initiative

"The Yellow Dog" is an initiative suggesting that pet walkers and owners tie a yellow ribbon to their dog or to the leash to inform other pet owners that their dog prefers not to socialise.

One often see dogs frollicking with each other on the beach or park when off their leash (hopefully only where it is legal to let them run free!)but not all dogs are sociable.

Having stated the above, by no means does this suggest that the yellow ribbon dog is dangerous:It simply means the dog or owner (or both!) needs space.
There can be many reasons for this such as:
- Health issues.
- The pet is old and frail
- A bitch on heat
- Shyness
- Rehabilitation after rescue
- Training.
This initiative is strongly supported by vets and therapists internationally and has now reached more than 45 countries including South Africa.
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Important. Please remember that the Yellow Dog initiative by no means includes dangerous dogs. If you have a dangerous dog do not use a yellow ribbon/ Such dogs must be strongly restrained and muzzled like always.